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We offer a wide variety of wooden packing boxes and pallets. Our goods are well-made and long-lasting. Our experts ensure that the costs are reasonable so that customers can easily afford it. These packaging materials are of the highest quality and can satisfy the packaging requirements of many industries. Our team of highly qualified designers creates these boxes utilizing premium raw materials and cutting-edge techniques to assure the highest level of quality.

E pal pallets

The logistics world would come to a standstill without the EPAL Euro pallet. The most widely-used exchange pallet in the world. It is mainly used in Europe. Around 450 – 500 million are currently in circulation.
EPAL pallets safely cross borders all over the world.
EPAL pallets guarantee smooth transport of goods.
EPAL pallets ensure stable storage of goods.
EPAL pallets ensure maximum occupational safety thanks to their high quality.
Boards: 11
Nails: 78
Blocks: 9
Length: 800 mm
Width: 1,200 mm
Height: 144 mm
Weight: approx. 25 kg
Safe working load: 1,500 kg
Maximum additional load: 4,000 kg when stacking
Also we do provide Customized pallets according to specific customer requirements

Export pallets

Material – Wooden
Usage/Application -packaging
Pallet Type-pine wood
Entry Type-Two or Four way-Storing Product
Capacity-1000 kgs
Wood Type-Pinewood

Owing to the industry sound experience, we have been successful in catering to the requirements of our esteemed clients by offering quality Wooden Pallets.

Easy to handle
High strength
Resistant to termites
Hot Air Treated

Material: Wooden
Shape: Rectangular
Thickness: 9-60 mm
Style: Single Faced
Packaging Details customized

Industrial crates

Open crates

You need a lightweight, stack able, inexpensive packaging solution
You’re looking to transport items like cotton, hay, polythene, etc, or large yet lightweight items
You’re part of the agriculture, food industry
You don’t need to ship via air (since the International Air Transport Association doesn’t allow open crates)

Wooden Sheated Crates

When you need complete enclosure during overseas shipment
To ensure protection from air, wind, water, and transit damages
When you need a durable, highly secure packaging solution
To carry industrial or military equipment weighing anywhere between 1000 to 30,000 kg